About Carolyn


I am a fully qualified, registered homeopath and essences practitioner (MLCHom).

My background is in teaching, and though I grew up in the Midlands, it was my first job as a Modern Languages teacher that brought me to the Fylde Coast. I met my husband in Blackpool, and my two children have grown up here. My introduction to homeopathy came from a therapist friend who had been using it for herself and her family for years. I was intrigued and decided to find out more.

Whilst researching I found an introductory homeopathic first aid course in Manchester and decided to enrol. I was hooked. I bought a kit of 36 remedies and began practising on my family and friends. I quickly saw for myself how the remedies helped them. I consulted a professional homeopath about my own health issues, and it wasn’t long before I was enjoying the benefit of feeling calmer, having more energy and generally feeling much better.

After receiving positive feedback from friends and family I decided to follow my instincts and train to become a homeopath. Having already seen the results for myself, I passionately believed in the power of homeopathy to help people, and as someone whom friends and colleagues had always felt they could confide in, I also knew that I had the skills necessary to put people at ease in a consultation.

I completed a 3 year course in Homeopathy at The Lakeland College of Homeopathy, graduating in 2013, and have since followed it up with post-graduate clinical training to extend my knowledge and experience whilst being in practice. My training at Lakeland also included the use of flower essences, and to complement the homeopathic remedies I incorporate Bach Flower and Australian Bush Flower essences into my practice.

I am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (MARH) and abide by their Code of Ethics and Practice. I attend regular CPD to ensure that I maintain the high standards of professional conduct and practice they demand from their members. For more information on this see here: http://www.a-r-h.org/about-us/

As a practitioner, I am passionate about advancing my learning and knowledge as I continue to be fascinated with what homeopathy can do, the power and scope of it to help and heal.

With my expertise in homeopathy I can help you with whatever issues you have, but will also encourage and support you in taking responsibility for your own health and well-being. I care deeply that every person who comes to me gets back to health, and stays in health.

My other passions are being outdoors and Amateur Dramatics. I frequently enjoy walks in the park, on the beach and in the Lake District, and though I love being on stage, I have found the homeopathic remedies Gelsemium and Lycopodium useful for first night nerves!

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