These testimonials reflect the personal experience and opinions of the people who have consulted me and are not intended to represent evidence.

I initially consulted Carolyn over five years ago to see if she could help with my daughter’s anxiety, asthma and allergies.

After seeing amazing results with my daughter I decided to ask Carolyn for help with some hormonal issues I was experiencing. I feel so much better and the homeopathic medicine Carolyn has prescribed has really altered the course of my life. I no longer feel exhausted all the time and the various hormone issues have gradually faded away so that I am able to lead a fulfilling life again.

My daughter’s health has improved vastly. Before we started her treatment with Carolyn she had attended the doctors many times and had numerous ambulance trips with her asthma. It was a very scary time and I was always on high alert for anything that would trigger her allergies and affect her asthma. The numerous medications that she had been prescribed by the doctors are now no longer needed and she can tolerate all the triggers that in the past affected her breathing so badly. It’s amazing to be able to go on holiday and not have to worry if the cleaners have used air freshener or any other product that would trigger an asthma attack. Carolyn has also helped with my daughter’s eczema and she no longer needs the steroid creams of the past.

Along with treating these conditions Carolyn has helped me through some major life changes and trauma and is invaluable in her support. Not only does she have amazing knowledge of homeopathy and keen intuition she has a lovely calming nature and a genuine desire to help people.

If you decide homeopathy is right for you then you won’t go wrong with Carolyn by your side!


I cannot recommend Carolyn highly enough. Her knowledge of homeopathic remedies and her expertise in using them has helped me immeasurably over the last months. What is particularly reassuring is the fact that Carolyn responds to any query or concern promptly and that a consultation with her is only the beginning of a dialogue on your healing journey. To be supported in this manner is very reassuring.


I’ve been using homeopathic remedies for 20 years and Carolyn has been my homeopath for about 6 years.  I really enjoy my appointments with Carolyn, she really is an excellent homeopath and has treated myself and my family for lots of different ailments. I love using holistic remedies and talking with Carolyn is part of the whole healing process.


“I am a firm believer in homeopathic products, and have been in touch with Carolyn Quinn for some time now. She has always had time for me and has helped me very much with my problems. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.”

Margaret Buehler

“I have always preferred the homeopathic approach and Carolyn was recommended to me. I was not disappointed. She was very thorough and professional. I felt really at ease with her and trusted her judgement. I had 4 sessions with her for a skin problem and menopausal anxiety. It was money well spent as I have not been troubled with these since. What I like about seeing Carolyn is that I really trust her. I feel she really cares, has the time and nothing is too much trouble. She is determined to help you with whatever you have and I cannot recommend her enough.”

Anne Preston

“Carolyn has a very easy, empathic approach and you feel you can tell her anything and you know it’s confidential. She is very professional and her knowledge of homeopathic medicine is vast. Carolyn is a customer at my hair salon. A few years ago we were chatting and Carolyn told me she was training to become a homeopath. I was having some problems and she told me homeopathy was helpful for women in the menopause. I agreed to be a part of her studies and have received some fantastic life-changing treatment which I will outline. In my first consultation she asked me questions about myself both physical and mental/emotional ones and made notes. I had to fill in a fact sheet about my medical history and family’s medical history if I knew it. She explained that she needed to know this to decide on the homeopathic remedy I needed. When I had a hysterectomy Carolyn gave me remedies to support my recovery. I can honestly say that I felt ready for work again after 5 weeks. My trust in Carolyn grew.  I have suffered from cellulitis and had 3 courses of strong antibiotics. Last time Carolyn gave me a homeopathic treatment and the cellulitis went and has not returned. I was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 30 and had taken a steroid inhaler for 26 years when I decided to go for it and ask Carolyn to do something about my asthma. It is now 2 years, no inhalers, no drops and no asthma. Seeing Carolyn is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Linda Bacon

“Carolyn was recommended to me by my mother as I was suffering with a post-natal hormonal imbalance and was struggling to cope with everyday stresses. Carolyn prepared both a homeopathic remedy and a Bush Flower remedy, and I very quickly felt the benefit from both. As I don’t live in the area, and, with two small children, not much time for telephone calls, Carolyn and I actually discussed my issues over several email consultations. I was incredibly impressed with Carolyn’s level of understanding of my issues and her ability to prescribe something that has made such an immediate improvement to my life.”

Katie Jordin

“I have been using homeopathy since the mid 90s and would prefer to use natural remedies as I feel my body is better suited to these and heals itself alot quicker, without any nasty side effects. Unfortunately I went through a period where my mind and energies were distracted from natural remedies & I got one health issue after another! Thankfully a friend recommended Carolyn & I haven’t looked back. Carolyn always gets the remedies right. It feels good to be able to stay on an even kilter now and Carolyn is there to iron out any issues, as they arise.”

B.G. female

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